“… Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation; Noah walked with God.”

Genesis 6:9


God called Noah to do something special, something singular, and he obeyed. His faith and his obedience before the unusual make him a TRUE HERO!

The name Noah means “Repose,” “Rest” in Hebrew. He is known as the “Man who always walked with God.” A man obedient to God, he did everything as He had commanded him. God asked him to do something that nobody had ever done before. Although he did not know what rain was, or what a boat was, yet Noah built it.  It took him one hundred years to build it.  The only thing Noah received was mockery and his friends abandoned him, but his faith in what God had ordered him sustained him.  Noah knew that everything that did not enter the boat—an image of Jesus Christ—would be left outside God’s care and was going to undergo judgment, and that included his extended family and friends.  Noah was 600 years old when he went on board the boat. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights and the waters flooded the earth during 150 days.  One day it stopped raining and Noah opened the window and saw the dawn of a new day, and everything smelled of the grace of God. Later a rainbow would appear: a sign of the covenant that the earth would never again be destroyed through a deluge.

QUALITIES: Righteous and irreproachable, obedient, faithful and trustworthy.