“The peasantry ceased in Israel, they ceased until you arose, Deborah, arose as a mother in Israel.”

Judges 5:7

Deborah, brave, determined, nonconformist before the oppression of the people, rises and leads the nation into victory. Her wisdom, determination and fortitude make her a TRUE HERO!

The name Deborah means “bee” in Hebrew.  Women do not usually take central character roles in the Old Testament, but Deborah is a spectacular exception.  Deborah was a military leader, a poet, prophetess and judge, who used her talents to inspire Israel in a time of darkness.  She lived between Ramah and Bethel on mount Ephraim, from where she judged all of Israel (Judges 4:5). The people had become totally discouraged under the oppression of the Canaanites. Deborah inspired the people and called Barak to lead the forces against Sisera and his allies.  He refused to go unless the brave Deborah agreed to join him in the battle. With her in command, the ten thousand men of the troops of Israel defeated an enemy that was better equipped.  Deborah’s triumph gave Israel forty years of peace as a result. She was a mother and a wife. Her wisdom was so well known that the people brought their disputes before her while she sat underneath a great palm tree, Deborah’s palm tree. As a prophet she could understand God’s message and convey it to the people.  She was an excellent poet; one of the most ancient and expressive poems of the Bible is attributed to her (Judges 5:1-21).

QUALITIES: Strong, Firm, Wise, Brave, Bold, Determined, Sensible, A woman of spirit, Determining.